Future smart technologies and tomorrow's software development

INILAB is a highly qualified full stack software team. We develop advanced data solutions based on hardware, software, machine learning, IoT sensor technology, data processing and visualisation.

We deliver ground-breaking tech solutions based on close partnerships, constructive communication and agile workflows.

INILAB is committed to innovation and development of offshore data technologies as well as green transition initiatives to secure a sustainable future. We have participated in several large-scale research projects that contributes to demonstrate and deploy future smart city technologies and energy efficiency – including EnergyLab Nordhavn and EcoGrid 2.0.

You’ll find INILAB in Svendborg’s creative boomtown in the eastern port area, and we work B2B and B2G with research institutions as well as public and private businesses throughout Denmark and abroad.

Offshore solutions

Maritime technology and innovation

We offer simple solutions for unique problems, and we streamline complexity to bring clarity and efficiency to your challenges.

We are an innovative company with focus on software development, data solutions, IoT, digitalization and automation. Our team pursues one common vision – to offer simple solutions for unique problems, by streamlining complexity to bring clarity and efficiency to your challenges.

INILAB have recently committed to the development of subsea technology systems within the maritime and subcontractors sector, where we deliver projects to innovate new products and/or to improve and modernize existing ones. We assist subsea applications such as seabed surveys, monitoring and control, sensor system integrations, among others.

Currently, we supply unique multiplexers to offshore companies based on our kitOS IoT operating system and kitOS Industrial hardware. We reduce complexity in communication between individual components, decrease cable lengths and enabling real-time communication and data processing.

Our system converts between various communication standard interfaces to ethernet network, allowing long distance, reliable data transmission between units and components.

We offer support for legacy hardware, protocol conversion, data harvesting, data processing (edge, server and cloud), report generation, visualisations, human-machine interface, SCADA integration, among others, through a creative problem-solving process in close collaboration with our customer.

INILAB supports sustainable digitalization and innovation, becoming the intelligent bridge between the surface and seabed, by considerably reducing the use of components with the support of existing legacy software and hardware.

INILAB is leading to novel solutions based on the new opportunities emerging from introducing high bandwidth, real-time data infrastructure to your maritime projects.


  • Support for legacy hardware and software
  • Protocol conversion
  • Data harvesting
  • Data processing
  • Report generation
  • Visualisations
  • HMI (human machine interface)
  • SCADA integration
  • System integration
  • Real-time data infrastructure
  • 24/7 support agreements

Please contact CEO Christian Brandt Rasmussen for further information.

Urban smart grids

Sustainable Smart City Technologies

INILAB addresses future demands for new urban technologies and connecting grid infrastructures by developing and deploying rapid and effective IoT sensing, real-time data streaming and processing software.

Smart cities are about digital improvement and streamlining urban life, energy distribution, garbage disposals and the decrease of air pollution by engaging citizens through interacting technology, smart devices and IoT-applications.

Smart city technology helps all stakeholders in the process of making the right decisions. It targets a greener future and the overall quality and sustainability of existing and new urban areas.

IoT Sensor technologies

Sensing as a service

INILAB’s expertise covers the complete chain from data harvesting to processing, distribution and visualisation. Based on KitOS, our highly stable and reliant IoT operating system, we can offer PoC’s of new sensing technologies with rapid prototyping limiting TTM and risks regarding cost of development and deployment.

Data is made available through any suitable data channel as LoRaWAN, LTE, WIFI etc., with remotely manage devices through our real-time streaming platform Intellistream. The core of Intellistream supports real-time data analysis instantly accumulating knowledge to the requested format or answers.

Inhouse facilities

Additional products, services and participation

Open-source communities

INILAB supports, contributes and participates in open-source communities due to their global success and ability to acquire and share knowledge within prototype and customized software development – including the Linux, Laravel and Nerves communities.

In addition, we have several inhouse facilities, services and products:

Inhouse Laboratory

  • 3D printing for prototype development
  • CNC Machining
  • Test facilities
  • Electronic workshop

Data Center Facilities

  • Data storage
  • Web hosting
  • Processing capabilities

Subsidiary company · IN FACT

  • Web integration
  • Webdesign UX / UI
  • Webmaster service
  • Webhosting
  • Copywriting, on-page organic SEO
  • Graphic design, print and digital publications
  • Podcasting – journalism, sound engineering and audio technology

Educational Internships

INILAB Student Projects 2023-24

  1. Classify vehicles using state of the art. mmWave radar sensors.
  2. Estimating room occupancy using state of the art mmWave radar sensors.
  3. Designing a system and user experience for easy configuration of advanced mmWave radar sensors.

INILAB Management

Christian Brandt Rasmussen, CEO
Christian Brandt Rasmussen
Daniel Fredeirksen
Daniel Frederiksen
Lars Tanggaard Ohlsen
Lars Tanggaard Ohlsen
Senior Software Developer
Lasse Møller
Lasse Skriver Møller